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The Gr'eau'nards, crowned best Swiss team of this school year
Publié par Yaëlle Linder le 18 juin 2020

The winning team of Water Explorers, the 8H de Grône was made up of 22 students aged 11-12 years old under the responsibility of their teacher, Elisabeth Borgeat-Claret. They did an incredible exploration on the water throughout the school year by going through the entire program month after month. They have reached more than 1500 people, involved more than 1200 people and changed the way more than 1300 people use water. They raised funds for an association in Burkina Faso where the priority was the purchase of equipment for hand disinfection (challenge "Fundraising for global water resources"). They also organized a book barter for their primary and OC school. The impact has been so strong that teachers want to introduce this barter every year. Their altruistic spirit, their desire and their autonomy showed a strong involvement, a lot of creativity and a "spirit" as water explorers.



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