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C'est 101 % de l'objectif. Vous aussi rejoignez l'aventure !
Nobanda Primary School are making a splash!
Publié le 28 Août 2019

Congratulations to Nobanda Primary Enviro Club from South Africa for making a splash and being awarded Water Explorer’s current top team!

Nobanda are new to Water Explorer but have been creating quite a storm having completed 3 challenges and ensured that every challenge they completed they shared their learning with special assemblies to the whole school. They have delved into secret water alerting everyone to the dangers of too much consumption and displayed ‘did you know posters”around the school.  They also learned about making a simple water filter and the cost of cleaning water. They have made some very innovative tippy taps outside every classroom sparing every drop…and caused a great stir at the KZN trashion show with some marvellous creations. They have also got the school down the road to join the Water Explorer programme too… and this is all in a very short 2 months!

Amazing work, Nobanda, and welcome to the Water Explorer community! 



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